FUF #7: Back on track!!!

Yay-yeah! This week’s goals…check and check!

Closet cleaned and organized…with a stack of clothes to deliver to Goodwill. Will try to take care of that next week.

And…here’s my first of 5 Pinterest projects that I said I’d complete before I turn 27!

T-shirt Quilt 👚







Can you tell what college I went to?!? Lol! GO COCKS!!!

Not the straightest and most perfectly lined up quilt but for my first try at it, I’m pretty proud of my first DIY quilt! This project made me fall in love with a sewing machine and I think I’ll have to invest in one. Thanks to my MIL who let me borrow hers for the week so I could complete this project and make up my mind about getting my own! Now to pin for sewing projects on Pinterest…hehehe!!!

So glad that this week was pretty productive! 👍 Here’s to keeping it simple, stupid. KISS! 💋

Goofin’ off, KW


MPM #3: Just got real…

Just spent the last thirty minutes being angry and dwelling on how the past week has been hectic–from it being my long week at work, to diving into a career development that may just put me in over my head, to trying to deal with being a bridesmaid for a wedding that is happening in less than two months, to just getting into an argument with my husband over nothing, to…wait a minute, what am I doing?

It’s ridiculous how I went from calm to freaking out in less than 60 seconds….bah!  Instead of focusing on how I have a steady job with lots of room for career growth and opportunities, on having the chance to spend time with my lil niece since my out of town meeting was actually back home, to being able to be a part of one of my best friend’s special day…and of course, having an amazing husband…I let all of these tiny concerns overwhelm me and it’s not even necessary.

Ugh…guess I know what this week’s MPM will be…

1) Worry less, even more than last week.

2) Delegate. Delegate. DELEGATE!

3) Be a ‘sweeter’ wife.

Another short and sweet one this week, guys.  Leh go!

Goofin’ off, KW