A month ago, I joined a couple of lovely ladies on a link up at Coast to Coast: Resolutions Revisited. It was supposed to be a monthly thing on the last Tuesday of every month to recap the progress we’ve made on our resolutions…and well, I’m a day behind on that and two on my weekly MPM, so I’ve thought about it…thought about what I’d like to continue to do to reach this years’ goals and I’ve figured I’d like to just KISS it all away. KISS worked on last week’s MPM/FUF, so that’s what I’ll be switching gears to.

Keep It Simple, Stupid!


Be healthier: mind, body, and soul. Not exactly super tangible, but still workable. The weekly MPM/FUF were very helpful and got me started on the right foot, but my crazy work schedule often got in the way of really embracing a better lifestyle–my eating habits are poor and I barely make it to the gym. But digging deeper to find the underlying cause of me not being able to really be successful forces me to really be honest with myself. I don’t cope with work stress well and I’m lazy. LAZY! On my long days, I let work run me and I don’t take care of myself–running on caffeinated drinks and eating a snack or two all day only to end on a 3,000 calorie late night dinner at 10:30PM is very typical. Then, on my days off, I binge on my cravings and lay on the couch to recover from the work day prior. I’ve lived by “Work Hard, Play Hard” but I think I’m working harder than I really should be for my own (and my husband’s) sanity! So how do I beat this vicious cycle?

My new mantra: Be healthier: mind, body, and soul–and let work be work.


Write more or less. I’ve always loved writing so I can let my thoughts go, and I’ve always chosen a blog online rather than a handwritten journal only because my thoughts are a mile a minute and I can type faster than I can write (do my run-on sentences give me away?). Blogging frees my mind, as well as holds me accountable. As I’ve already alluded to above though, the weekly MPM/FUFs were awesome on starting me off well with this year’s goals and also in keeping up with this blog, but I’ve also realized that my own self-imposed timeline is an unnecessary deadline that I don’t need to add to my constantly growing to-do list.

So, I will figure out what to do with this blog whenever I want to. Write more or less on anything and everything–perhaps join more or less TDPs, but no constraints and deadlines! Just write more or less to figure out more about anything and everything.


Continue to find new things that excite me. I really like this one because whether it be something new to do, a new place to eat at, another Pinterest project to tackle, or anything under the sun…this goal I think will allow me to spend more time on me AND also on my relationships with those dearest to me. I love my middle of the week days off where I can try out something new on my own or sit on the couch like right now to do some personal reflection time on this blog. But I also love meeting up with my best friend to catch up and chat while we’re working on a new craft project. And I, especially, love having spontaneous dates with my husband to try out a new restaurant. Simple as these things may be, they do excite me and are very fulfilling–and more importantly, stress-relieving!

With all that said…ONE, TWO, and THREE will still help me accomplish my original list:

1) Lose weight –> ONE
2) Improve finances (less stress, less shopping! LOL!)
3) Exercise more –> ONE
4) Get a new/better job (it WILL get better when I start to cope better!!!)
5) Eat healthy –> ONE
6) Manage stress –> ONE
7) Quit smoking (Thank God, I never picked up this bad habit!)
8) Improve relationship –> THREE
9) Stop procrastinating –> TWO & THREE
10) Set aside β€œme” time –> TWO & THREE

Phew…that was long! Goofin’ off, KW


FUF #7: Back on track!!!

Yay-yeah! This week’s goals…check and check!

Closet cleaned and organized…with a stack of clothes to deliver to Goodwill. Will try to take care of that next week.

And…here’s my first of 5 Pinterest projects that I said I’d complete before I turn 27!

T-shirt Quilt πŸ‘š







Can you tell what college I went to?!? Lol! GO COCKS!!!

Not the straightest and most perfectly lined up quilt but for my first try at it, I’m pretty proud of my first DIY quilt! This project made me fall in love with a sewing machine and I think I’ll have to invest in one. Thanks to my MIL who let me borrow hers for the week so I could complete this project and make up my mind about getting my own! Now to pin for sewing projects on Pinterest…hehehe!!!

So glad that this week was pretty productive! πŸ‘ Here’s to keeping it simple, stupid. KISS! πŸ’‹

Goofin’ off, KW

FUF#5: Fadin’…fast!

Losing a bit of steam with this weekly challenge, and I’d say that I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it…but hey, I’m only human and even the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray!


Such is life…time gets away some times, just gotta pick right back up. But, this week wasn’t all lost! I found out a week ago that my boss’s
boss’s boss is paying me a store visit, so that’s kind of taken up my life. I’ve got about a week left to prepare the store, so I had to put some of my personal goals to the side for just a brief pause!

I did get some things accomplished…

1) Here’s a preview of some of my photos from the “snow-pocalypse”


Found the squirrel prints to be cute…



Hope to have more later, but here’s one with a bit of inspiration…one of my fave quotes from this week’s Pinterest search!


2) Made it to the gym 2 out of the 4 days that I challenged myself, but to my defense…I did do two hard days and the other two days that I didn’t make it to PF, I did make it to the mall to cardio-shop! πŸ™‚

3) I started the purging of the closet and I’ve gone through one section but still a looooot more to go! I’m enlisting my bestfriend’s help so that hopefully by the end of the month, this project will be done…or one can hope!! Just something about letting go of clothes…why is it so hard for ladies to do?! πŸ˜€

Welp, here’s to hoping that two not-so-stellar weeks won’t completely bring my resolution progress down to a halt! Lol!

Goofin’ off, KW

FUF #4: Whomp…Whomp…Whomp!

What a bummer! I challenged the challenge head on but probably bit off too much by lining up three goals that are more project-like in nature and required hands on time when this was my long week at work! Bah! Oh, well! Not to be discouraged…failure just means an opportunity to try again and go harder next time!!!

But all wasn’t completely lost this week…it just wasn’t nearly as victorious as the previous one! I did make a few steps into the three mini-challenges but due to the lack of free time, I didn’t finish the projects completely!

Here’s my progress so far:

1) Pick up photography again and explore Charlotte: The winter storm that came through did bring some bad traffic across the south but it also provided a great inspiration as a backdrop for my first photo project! I kind of cheated and didn’t really drive out to explore the city but the woods in my backyard was just as pretty to explore and photograph; plus it kept me off the crazy icy/snowy roads.

It felt nice to have my Sony DSLR in my hands again and with my longer lens in tow, I was able to capture birds and my surprise guests—a family of deer!!! The reason why I only half-finished this goal though is that I haven’t had time to really look through my shots, but here is a teaser! Don’t judge that it’s not all that fancy…I’m no professional! I just love goofin’ off with my camera!!!


2) Get caught up with current events: I’m ashamed to admit that I get so easily caught up in my bubble that I don’t know what is going on in other parts of the world! This is embarrassing!!! So the goal was to read the local paper and I did…but guess what, all week long, all the Queen City talked about was the snow and the chaos that ensued with it. Not exactly the current events that I was thinking l needed to really immerse myself in…I’d like to challenge myself to go even deeper and dig further! Does anyone have any readers/sites/bloggers to recommend?

3) Make a handmade card for a friend and snail mail it: Soooo…I’m half way through this one as well. I was just going to make a card as I challenged myself but then I got excited and came up with an idea to make a care package for a friend (details on a later post!). Let’s just say again that lack of time prevented me from actually getting the package finished and mailed off! Oh well! At least, I’m one step into it and I know they will just love the random surprise whenever I finally do finish it!!!! πŸ™‚

So…although not as accomplished as I had hope, at least the week wasn’t a complete bust! Can’t expect to just breeze through resolutions and goals every week! πŸ˜‰

Goofin’ off, KW


FUF #3: Gettin’ real (and basic), got good!

Yes, the basics! Oh, the most basic and simplest of goals this week, and yet I feel I accomplished so much! When I woke up this morning, I felt like tossing off the covers, throwing up my arms over my head, and screaming “VICTORY!!!”

This past Monday, I wanted to focus on three things this week: (1) to worry less, (2) to delegate, and (3) to be a sweeter wife!

Simple enough but I was having such a tough and crazy week before this one that I had to lay it all out for myself and focusing on these simple things made me realize one thing: PERSPECTIVE

Once I took a beat and just stopped for a moment to really think about what I was stressing over, I was then able to find another way to look at the situation, and like magic, my day went just about that much smoother and that much better. It’s crazy how sometimes it’s so easy to just let life eat up our lives away. It’s so easy to get caught up with the details and forget the bigger picture…

So this week…

Work is driving me nuts as always because I am trying to position myself to be promoteable (is that a word because WP is not recognizing it), but I didn’t want it to take over my personal life anymore. My very supportive husband is just amaze-balls at what he puts up listening to when I get home, as I vent like crazy.. But I wanted to be a sweeter wife, so I let him off this week and tried my absolute hardest to keep the work talk to the minimal. In addition to forcing myself to delegate, I took the extra time to set up a meeting with my bosses and partner to game plan for the month, which allowed me to take some of the workload off myself now that my partner is in the loop and will be taking on some of the tasks I’ve been loading on to myself!!! Can you say victory all around?!?

There were other small victories throughout the week, but enough of the boring talk and skipping on to the fun part as I did promise that my blog would be about me goofing off and all this serious talk is too much nonsense….

This past week was restaurant week in the Queen City!. (Do I hear, “victory,” again somewhere in the background?!? Lol!)

The hubs and I picked three restaurants, and we had a blast sampling some of the best of what Charlotte has to offer, as well as enjoyed the company of good friends!

Here are some photos to leave you drooling over as a sneak peak when I have time to blog more about each place!!!

Old world Tuscan, yet still very modern Italian cuisine at Aria




Somewhat a 90’s thing but hey, don’t knock fondue until you try it…it was our first time checking out the Melting Pot





The South End of Charlotte boasts a lot of historic charm and that locals scene feel, and the gastropub The Liberty did not disappoint!!!




Well, now that I’m hungry again…hahaha!!! How did your week go? Hope it was as victorious as mine was…here’s to more victories!!!

Goofin’ off, KW


FUF #2.1: The simple things…

Through the madness that is the retail pharmacy at this time of the year–flu shots, actual flu patients, the winter cold and other gross sniffles, and oh yeah, new insurances without updated cards and the unknown “Affordable” Care Act…

It’s been very easy to get angry, frustrated, exhausted, pissed off–you name it, I was almost to that point until I remind myself of what I wanted toneeded to focus on this week.

Goal #1: Laugh more, worry less.

Goal #2: Smile more, frown less.

Goal #3: Pray more, complain less.

And just when I thought the day was going bad as I had prescription on top of prescriptions to fill, patients awaiting to counsel, phones going off, my drive-thru line about to wrap around my building and I’m stuck running the registers because everyone and their brother was at my store…the pressure was building but I made small talk about the weather and laughed with a customer, kept a smile on my face from one patient to another, and prayed quietly on the inside for my shift to end…

Then, lo and behold, the last patient I ring up tells me, “I watched you through that whole rush, and I am appreciative of your efforts in how you handle it all. You are very patient.”

Winning!!! This was too exciting for me to wait for tomorrow to post! Let’s just hope I still have a lot more positive vibes left as I head into my long weekend marathon at work!!!

Goofin’ off, KW


FUF #1: On the right track…so far!

Let’s see how I did this week…goals 1, 2, and 3–how exactly did my efforts stack up?


Cuties. Halos. Strawberries. Sweet potatoes (that’s a veggie right?). Edamame (I think this is a bean, but we’ll count it). Tropicana Farmstand Juices (actually says 1 serving of veggie and 1 serving of fruit per 8oz serving! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!!). I think I did pretty darn good with goal #1, week 1!!!


2) EAT MORE…yes, I did and to my surprise, the patients still got their meds and we actually had more compliments than in any other week! Maybe I’m more pleasant to work with when I’m fed and not hungry-angry! Lol…so onto healthier and MORE FREQUENT meals–even while at work! Goal #2, week 1…check!!!

3) WORK. IT. OUT! And, dang right I did! Planet Fitness membership, check and onto the 30-minute circuit, 12-minute abs, and cardio on the elliptical and treadmill I go…with Soundcloud blasting on the iPhone, Tritonal has kept me motivated for three days in a row…GO ME!!! Goal #3, week 1…check, check, and check!!!

So far, so good. Will just have to keep the motivation going and go hard week after week. Anyone else out there pushing through their resolutions and sticking with it???

Goofin’ off, KW