FUF #7: Back on track!!!

Yay-yeah! This week’s goals…check and check!

Closet cleaned and organized…with a stack of clothes to deliver to Goodwill. Will try to take care of that next week.

And…here’s my first of 5 Pinterest projects that I said I’d complete before I turn 27!

T-shirt Quilt 👚







Can you tell what college I went to?!? Lol! GO COCKS!!!

Not the straightest and most perfectly lined up quilt but for my first try at it, I’m pretty proud of my first DIY quilt! This project made me fall in love with a sewing machine and I think I’ll have to invest in one. Thanks to my MIL who let me borrow hers for the week so I could complete this project and make up my mind about getting my own! Now to pin for sewing projects on Pinterest…hehehe!!!

So glad that this week was pretty productive! 👍 Here’s to keeping it simple, stupid. KISS! 💋

Goofin’ off, KW


Baby, It’s Cold Outside! (for now…)

So, my husband and I have a pretty decent routine in the morning.

Alarm goes off at 6:30AM, and we hit snooze.

Alarm at 6:40AM, and I snooze back while he lets the doggie out and turns on the Keurig for me–I’m so lucky (more on my sweet hubs in future posts, I’m sure)…

Alarm at 6:47AM, and I hit snooze one more time (see, I told you I was lucky)…

Alarm at 6:50AM, and I reluctantly finally get up for my quick, 10-minute morning dash to brush my teeth, wash my face, put on something I can hide under my pharmacy lab coat and then run down the stairs to hit the 3rd button on my Keurig, until I finally scream out “Love you and have a great day” to my hubs, as I rush out the door to get in my car.

Whenever I work the morning shift, this is our routine…but, this morning was slightly different.

I went through all of the above but was missing my husband since he left to let the pup out . I didn’t think he left early, as I was sure he would have at least said goodbye before stepping out, but he was nowhere in the house and didn’t respond to my quick goodbye. Well, as I walked around the living room looking for him, he dashes back in from the front door shivering, and I knew…I just knew….Mother Nature struck again!

This morning, we woke up to a frozen wonderland where the grass and roofs looked solid white and all the cars in the driveways had shiny windows…well, all except mine! Mine wasn’t because like I said, I’m lucky…the hubs was out there warming up the cars and scraping off the ice! I couldn’t believe how much the temperature dropped and froze us all over because last night wasn’t all that bad.  Or, at least, not cold enough for me to think that the morning would be that bad!

But why am I posting about the weather?!?  Because I found this funny cartoon from Pinterest…(yes, I’am a Pinterest-addict!) and it is just so true with the winter we are currently having here!


Just in one day today, I was freezing cold this morning on the way to work, and then on my way back the sun was shining bright and it was just right with a little nip in the air.  And to add to the weather-madness, with the sun about to drop in the next 30 minutes, I know I’m going to have to bundle back up shortly here!

Mother Nature, rightly has been named as such…like most women, including myself, she is indecisive and quick to change her mind whenever she wants!  LOL!  Stay warm…or whatever, wherever you may be!

Goofin’ off, KW