MPM #6: MPM’s gettin’ hijacked by TuesdayPM

Bah! Bah, on failing to blog last night…the 14-hr work shift really leaves very little time to have even just a brief moment to have some solo me-time to think about this week’s goals, but nevertheless, it’s never too late to get started. (Wow! Talk about a run-on sentence! Lol!)

So…here are my three goals this week:



This week (all two days of it thus far at work) has already proven to be a mad-house type of week with yet another snow-pocalypse. I’ve had to pretty much scrap most plans I’ve made (to get ahead for that store visit I had previously mentioned) and just try to roll with the punches. But as well as I’ve been doing that, I’ve been failing to even just take a breath!!! Bah! Hilarious that the quote above is the one of the first few pins under the “quotes” section on my Pinterest–as if it was specifically talking to ME!!!



‘Nuff said!


Well…I’ll stop at those two simple and basic goals for now! Don’t want to bite off too much more than I can chew! Lol!

Goofin’ off, KW



TDP: Your Days Are Numbered ’26’

As an October baby, I am three months into my 26th year. This means that I only have nine more months left as 26 years old, and I am that much closer to being in my late twenties.

I don’t really know how I should feel about all of that…and then thinking about the number reminded me of this article that was all over my Facebook feed last month: 23 things to do before getting engaged at 23.

Now, as I’ve blogged before, I am married and now I’ve shared my age…so the list above will no longer apply to me (plus I strongly disagree with the blogger, but oh well, she is entitled to her own thoughts!!!) But just for fun and for today’s TDP challenge, check out my list…

26 things to do before my 26th year ends (in no particular order, of course!)

1) Start volunteering again like back in my college days!

~ Cleaning up a transitional home for MLK Day of Service 2009 ~

2) Pick up photography again…and in the process, explore the Queen City and really enjoy being a Charlotte-ian (two birds with one stone!)

3) Get caught up with current events (I’ll start with at least a weekly goal of perusing the local on-line newspaper!)

4) Continue to blog regularly and figure out what I really want to achieve with this blog.

5) Learn basic medical Spanish for my patients.

6) Give up Facebook for at least one week.

7) Finish at least five Pinterest projects waiting to be started on my boards.

8) Take a spontaneous trip (I’m a bit of a planner, so this will be very interesting but a lot of fun, I think!!!).

9) Attend a road SEC game with the Gamecocks.

10) Update my resume and stay relevant, promoteable, and competitive.

11) Read at least 5 inspirational books and really dig deep to get motivated, rejuvenated, and engaged!

12) Go on another family camping trip since the hubs, the pup, and I had such a blast on our first one together back in October!

13) Cut my 12-minute mile down to 10 minutes (my husband says he will help me with this one!!!).

14) Get to the lower end of my
BMI range (hopefully before our trips to Hawaii and our annual Caribbean anniversary trip!!!).

15) Continuing on the topic of health, finally find a local primary care physician in Charlotte and get a full physical! (I still rely on my family doctor about an hour and a half away or go to the Minute Clinic, so I haven’t really had a full proper annual in almost two years!

16) Thoroughly clean out my closet and purge clothes (so my husband can have some decent closet space for once!!! ).

17) Speaking of cleaning up, declutter even more and get rid of at least 26 things I don’t need/use and donate to Goodwill.

18) Pay it forward once in a while.

19) Randomly write thank you notes via the good ol’ snail mail to at least five people in my past and try to reconnect again!

20) Give up Facebook for at least two more weeks.

21) Really attempt to give up Facebook for another three weeks.

22) Watch (and stay awake) through an entire classic 007 Bond movie–which is my husband’s favorite collection!

23) Create a budget for non-essential spending and especially limit my weekly trips to Marshall’s and Target (I’m such a sucker for deals!!!)

24) Speaking of budgets and as the hubs and I are also striving for being healthier, keep track of grocery shopping/spending and prevent waste as much as possible!!!

25) Find ways to better manage, deal, and/or cope with stress–whether it be by learning a new way of meditation or by letting go and delegating more (just not by shopping, of course!)

26) Attempt 26 shots to ring in my 27th year…just kidding, I’d probably end up in the hospital!!! Start a list of 27 things to do before my 27th year ends!

So, that’s a lot. Coming up with the list was a bit much for a Sunday night…but it was actually a pretty fun and interesting exercise for my husband and I come up with together, and he even asked me to help him come up with one for himself, too!

Between this and my MPM/FUF personal challenge…this blog should stay fairly active, don’t you say? Have any other suggestions to add to my list??? Well, I’m excited to get started right away…nine months and counting!!!

Goofin’ off, KW

MPM#2: Uh oh! A lil late…

Bah! It was a 14-hour day at the pharmacy, and so is the reason for this MPM-turned-MPTuesday! Oh, well! Semantics!

Forward on to this week’s three goals:

Goal #1: Laugh more, worry less.

Goal #2: Smile more, frown less.

Goal #3: Pray more, complain less.

Short and sweet. Vague yet still pretty clear. Broad but still to the point.

Guess I’ll just have repost throughout the week and on FUF once I muddle my way through these three “goals”.

What’s your three this week?

Goofin’ off, KW


FUF #1: On the right track…so far!

Let’s see how I did this week…goals 1, 2, and 3–how exactly did my efforts stack up?


Cuties. Halos. Strawberries. Sweet potatoes (that’s a veggie right?). Edamame (I think this is a bean, but we’ll count it). Tropicana Farmstand Juices (actually says 1 serving of veggie and 1 serving of fruit per 8oz serving! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!!). I think I did pretty darn good with goal #1, week 1!!!


2) EAT MORE…yes, I did and to my surprise, the patients still got their meds and we actually had more compliments than in any other week! Maybe I’m more pleasant to work with when I’m fed and not hungry-angry! Lol…so onto healthier and MORE FREQUENT meals–even while at work! Goal #2, week 1…check!!!

3) WORK. IT. OUT! And, dang right I did! Planet Fitness membership, check and onto the 30-minute circuit, 12-minute abs, and cardio on the elliptical and treadmill I go…with Soundcloud blasting on the iPhone, Tritonal has kept me motivated for three days in a row…GO ME!!! Goal #3, week 1…check, check, and check!!!

So far, so good. Will just have to keep the motivation going and go hard week after week. Anyone else out there pushing through their resolutions and sticking with it???

Goofin’ off, KW


MPM #1: Here we go!

It’s the first Mission Possible Monday!  Yay, let’s get this started off on the right foot!  Plans, goals, tasks, lists, resolutions…number one, starts today! Let’s go!  Phew…that’s a lot of exclamation points.  He he he.

#1, 3, and 5 on the list can really be grouped all together into an overall goal of a “healthier lifestyle” in 2014 and since we are six days into the new year, I have got some major steps to take starting today to get some catching up and get some progress going.

For the very first MPM, here are three things I will try to achieve this week:

1) Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Sounds simple enough, but if you know me and my very poor eating habits due to working in retail in general (not to mention some of my shifts being horribly long 14-hour days), I am more likely to consume a bag of Jalapeno chips or Frito Lay BBQ twists for lunch/dinner than actually eat something healthy throughout the day.  Plus, I’m a meat kind of girl and a typical Asian who lives by my white rice, so a side of veggies hardly ever makes it on my plate.  How will I achieve this goal?  I will vow to swap a serving of fruit for every snack I devour and attempt to have at least one kind of veggie for every type of protein in my main meal.

2) START working out.  Keyword being: START.  I’m pretty decent with keeping up with working out once I get it going, but starting is always  a chore.  I have awesome couches throughout the house (two in the main living room, one in the 2nd floor loft, and a huge sectional in our 3rd floor bonus room) and somehow they and Netflix always find a way of calling my name.  LOL!  So, how will I achieve this goal?  TODAY…yes, today, after I finish this post…I will get up off this couch, get dressed, and go to Planet Fitness down the road and SIGN UP and pay!  Hopefully, by paying for a membership, I will feel compelled to go to the gym and not waste my money and actually work out on a regular basis–at least on my days off!

3) Eat. MORE.  Yes, I said eat more.  This may seem counterintuitive, but as I’ve previously alluded to the crazy retail schedule, I’ve picked up a very bad habit of not eating at all while working–sometimes even making it through a 14-hr day on just 3 Coca-Cola Zeros, 2 coffees, and a bag of Jalapeno chips.  This typically results in getting home really late to a midnight bingeing of my most favorite comfort food–Chinese takeout (i.e., 10 baby fried shrimps, white rice, 5 crab rangoons, and egg drop soup).  I know I’ve pretty much shot my metabolism down, so I resolve to eat MORE.  I’m kind of a bit obsessive sometimes with work, so much so that I forget to take care of the most important thing like feeding myself.  No bueno.  Not at all.  So, here’s to putting me first again and taking care of myself.

So, what are your three MPMs?  If you need any more tips on dieting, here is a good WebMD article I got in my inbox today: 22 Diet Tips That Really Work.

Goofin’ off, KW

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