FUF #3: Gettin’ real (and basic), got good!

Yes, the basics! Oh, the most basic and simplest of goals this week, and yet I feel I accomplished so much! When I woke up this morning, I felt like tossing off the covers, throwing up my arms over my head, and screaming “VICTORY!!!”

This past Monday, I wanted to focus on three things this week: (1) to worry less, (2) to delegate, and (3) to be a sweeter wife!

Simple enough but I was having such a tough and crazy week before this one that I had to lay it all out for myself and focusing on these simple things made me realize one thing: PERSPECTIVE

Once I took a beat and just stopped for a moment to really think about what I was stressing over, I was then able to find another way to look at the situation, and like magic, my day went just about that much smoother and that much better. It’s crazy how sometimes it’s so easy to just let life eat up our lives away. It’s so easy to get caught up with the details and forget the bigger picture…

So this week…

Work is driving me nuts as always because I am trying to position myself to be promoteable (is that a word because WP is not recognizing it), but I didn’t want it to take over my personal life anymore. My very supportive husband is just amaze-balls at what he puts up listening to when I get home, as I vent like crazy.. But I wanted to be a sweeter wife, so I let him off this week and tried my absolute hardest to keep the work talk to the minimal. In addition to forcing myself to delegate, I took the extra time to set up a meeting with my bosses and partner to game plan for the month, which allowed me to take some of the workload off myself now that my partner is in the loop and will be taking on some of the tasks I’ve been loading on to myself!!! Can you say victory all around?!?

There were other small victories throughout the week, but enough of the boring talk and skipping on to the fun part as I did promise that my blog would be about me goofing off and all this serious talk is too much nonsense….

This past week was restaurant week in the Queen City!. (Do I hear, “victory,” again somewhere in the background?!? Lol!)

The hubs and I picked three restaurants, and we had a blast sampling some of the best of what Charlotte has to offer, as well as enjoyed the company of good friends!

Here are some photos to leave you drooling over as a sneak peak when I have time to blog more about each place!!!

Old world Tuscan, yet still very modern Italian cuisine at Aria




Somewhat a 90’s thing but hey, don’t knock fondue until you try it…it was our first time checking out the Melting Pot





The South End of Charlotte boasts a lot of historic charm and that locals scene feel, and the gastropub The Liberty did not disappoint!!!




Well, now that I’m hungry again…hahaha!!! How did your week go? Hope it was as victorious as mine was…here’s to more victories!!!

Goofin’ off, KW


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