FUF #2.1: The simple things…

Through the madness that is the retail pharmacy at this time of the year–flu shots, actual flu patients, the winter cold and other gross sniffles, and oh yeah, new insurances without updated cards and the unknown “Affordable” Care Act…

It’s been very easy to get angry, frustrated, exhausted, pissed off–you name it, I was almost to that point until I remind myself of what I wanted toneeded to focus on this week.

Goal #1: Laugh more, worry less.

Goal #2: Smile more, frown less.

Goal #3: Pray more, complain less.

And just when I thought the day was going bad as I had prescription on top of prescriptions to fill, patients awaiting to counsel, phones going off, my drive-thru line about to wrap around my building and I’m stuck running the registers because everyone and their brother was at my store…the pressure was building but I made small talk about the weather and laughed with a customer, kept a smile on my face from one patient to another, and prayed quietly on the inside for my shift to end…

Then, lo and behold, the last patient I ring up tells me, “I watched you through that whole rush, and I am appreciative of your efforts in how you handle it all. You are very patient.”

Winning!!! This was too exciting for me to wait for tomorrow to post! Let’s just hope I still have a lot more positive vibes left as I head into my long weekend marathon at work!!!

Goofin’ off, KW


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