FUF #1: On the right track…so far!

Let’s see how I did this week…goals 1, 2, and 3–how exactly did my efforts stack up?


Cuties. Halos. Strawberries. Sweet potatoes (that’s a veggie right?). Edamame (I think this is a bean, but we’ll count it). Tropicana Farmstand Juices (actually says 1 serving of veggie and 1 serving of fruit per 8oz serving! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!!). I think I did pretty darn good with goal #1, week 1!!!


2) EAT MORE…yes, I did and to my surprise, the patients still got their meds and we actually had more compliments than in any other week! Maybe I’m more pleasant to work with when I’m fed and not hungry-angry! Lol…so onto healthier and MORE FREQUENT meals–even while at work! Goal #2, week 1…check!!!

3) WORK. IT. OUT! And, dang right I did! Planet Fitness membership, check and onto the 30-minute circuit, 12-minute abs, and cardio on the elliptical and treadmill I go…with Soundcloud blasting on the iPhone, Tritonal has kept me motivated for three days in a row…GO ME!!! Goal #3, week 1…check, check, and check!!!

So far, so good. Will just have to keep the motivation going and go hard week after week. Anyone else out there pushing through their resolutions and sticking with it???

Goofin’ off, KW


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