MPM #1: Here we go!

It’s the first Mission Possible Monday!  Yay, let’s get this started off on the right foot!  Plans, goals, tasks, lists, resolutions…number one, starts today! Let’s go!  Phew…that’s a lot of exclamation points.  He he he.

#1, 3, and 5 on the list can really be grouped all together into an overall goal of a “healthier lifestyle” in 2014 and since we are six days into the new year, I have got some major steps to take starting today to get some catching up and get some progress going.

For the very first MPM, here are three things I will try to achieve this week:

1) Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Sounds simple enough, but if you know me and my very poor eating habits due to working in retail in general (not to mention some of my shifts being horribly long 14-hour days), I am more likely to consume a bag of Jalapeno chips or Frito Lay BBQ twists for lunch/dinner than actually eat something healthy throughout the day.  Plus, I’m a meat kind of girl and a typical Asian who lives by my white rice, so a side of veggies hardly ever makes it on my plate.  How will I achieve this goal?  I will vow to swap a serving of fruit for every snack I devour and attempt to have at least one kind of veggie for every type of protein in my main meal.

2) START working out.  Keyword being: START.  I’m pretty decent with keeping up with working out once I get it going, but starting is always  a chore.  I have awesome couches throughout the house (two in the main living room, one in the 2nd floor loft, and a huge sectional in our 3rd floor bonus room) and somehow they and Netflix always find a way of calling my name.  LOL!  So, how will I achieve this goal?  TODAY…yes, today, after I finish this post…I will get up off this couch, get dressed, and go to Planet Fitness down the road and SIGN UP and pay!  Hopefully, by paying for a membership, I will feel compelled to go to the gym and not waste my money and actually work out on a regular basis–at least on my days off!

3) Eat. MORE.  Yes, I said eat more.  This may seem counterintuitive, but as I’ve previously alluded to the crazy retail schedule, I’ve picked up a very bad habit of not eating at all while working–sometimes even making it through a 14-hr day on just 3 Coca-Cola Zeros, 2 coffees, and a bag of Jalapeno chips.  This typically results in getting home really late to a midnight bingeing of my most favorite comfort food–Chinese takeout (i.e., 10 baby fried shrimps, white rice, 5 crab rangoons, and egg drop soup).  I know I’ve pretty much shot my metabolism down, so I resolve to eat MORE.  I’m kind of a bit obsessive sometimes with work, so much so that I forget to take care of the most important thing like feeding myself.  No bueno.  Not at all.  So, here’s to putting me first again and taking care of myself.

So, what are your three MPMs?  If you need any more tips on dieting, here is a good WebMD article I got in my inbox today: 22 Diet Tips That Really Work.

Goofin’ off, KW

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