New Year’s Resolutions?!? Say what?!?

I started this blog. Got a couple of hits and follows…got excited…and then got hit by the holidays and disappeared! Tsk tsk tsk! Talk about what not to do when starting a blog…or just what not to do when starting any new thing up! Smh!

Welp, here we are though! It’s that time again when everyone starts talking about new year’s resolutions and since I’ve never been too good at sticking to any that I start and since I don’t have a great track record so far with keeping up with this blog, I’ve “resolved” that I will tackle the two by starting a personal BLOG CHALLENGE!!!

So, what exactly will I do to challenge myself…

I searched high and low Google-searched for the most common NY resolutions and found an article that put together the following list:
1) Lose weight
2) Improve finances
3) Exercise more
4) Get a new/better job
5) Eat healthy
6) Manage stress
7) Quit smoking
8) Improve relationship
9) Stop procrastinating
10) Set aside “me” time

9 out of 10 could apply to me (thank God, I never picked up smoking!) but realistically speaking, that is all too much to take on all at once but I really do need to adapt each one into my lifestyle in some shape and form…so here’s the blog challenge idea I just came up with:

2 blogs a week: Mission Possible Mondays and Follow-Up Fridays

Every Monday, I’ll post about a task I’ll get myself to focus on for the week that will help improve on one of the above 9 resolutions. Then, on the following Friday, I will update on my progress. Hopefully, by challenging myself on a weekly basis, my baby steps will be more rewarding and result in a more successful path to a better me in 2014!

Anyone want to join me? Comment and let me know how you do with the challenge…I’m sure I’ll need some encouragement, too!

Goofin’ off, KW


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