Whoomp! (T)Here it is!

I’m not a savvy shopper, but I do try to clip a coupon or two or at least scope out the best shopping deals at the stores I frequent.  I’m not a trendy fashionista even if I tried, as heels are just not my thing and I’m just not bold enough for crazy prints.  I’m not a successful, crafting stay-at-home mom either, but I do craft on my days off now that I’ve found a friend who likes to do the same (very rare to find someone who has a similar schedule in the retail pharmacy world–more to come on that later).  And last but not least, I’m not a famous person–not even in my wildest dreams.  So, why am I taking it to this blog like someone will care what I have to say?  

Well, I am because I can, and I’d like to think that I have some “experience” in blogging.  I poured my teen angst on-line via LiveJournal and Xanga in what seems like ages ago.  Secondly, I once was actually a paid blogger for some time during my college years for my University’s undergraduate admissions to help recruit students. Finally, against my advisor’s counsel as he thought I was “getting off easy” on my Honors College Thesis, I blogged away my final year of Pharm.D. rotations in an attempt to figure out which professional direction I wanted to take my pharmacy career–there will definitely be more to come on this Rx career path later…

So, while it may be possible that no one else will read or even see this, I’ve decided that I will turn to wordpress.com and type away, vent, rant, laugh, giggle, and explore what’s to come in the days, months, and years ahead.  I’m no longer an emo high schooler, or a bright-eyed undergraduate, or even an over-achiever Pharm.D. candidate but it doesn’t mean I know who I really am right now in the real world either.  I’m just as much figuring my way around being a wife, a “mommy” to my Aiden, a professional, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a shopper, a crafter…you name it, there’s a lot I still have to figure out.  But more importantly, I want to blog to find a different outlet to just be “a ball of goof”.  I want to start taking life less seriously, one day at a time because I just turned 26 and I can’t keep being too serious or else…or else, life will just get in the way of living my life… I’ve been miss-goody-two-shoes all of my life and my ambitious and driven life has sometimes pushed me so hard that I forget to let loose some times.  I can’t let the best and fun sides of me be only on days-off and vacations…I have to let it out more frequently!

So…stick around, peruse, browse…laugh a little, learn, travel, and experience with me.  I can’t promise anything fabulous, but you just never know!

Goofin’ off…KW



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