A month ago, I joined a couple of lovely ladies on a link up at Coast to Coast: Resolutions Revisited. It was supposed to be a monthly thing on the last Tuesday of every month to recap the progress we’ve made on our resolutions…and well, I’m a day behind on that and two on my weekly MPM, so I’ve thought about it…thought about what I’d like to continue to do to reach this years’ goals and I’ve figured I’d like to just KISS it all away. KISS worked on last week’s MPM/FUF, so that’s what I’ll be switching gears to.

Keep It Simple, Stupid!


Be healthier: mind, body, and soul. Not exactly super tangible, but still workable. The weekly MPM/FUF were very helpful and got me started on the right foot, but my crazy work schedule often got in the way of really embracing a better lifestyle–my eating habits are poor and I barely make it to the gym. But digging deeper to find the underlying cause of me not being able to really be successful forces me to really be honest with myself. I don’t cope with work stress well and I’m lazy. LAZY! On my long days, I let work run me and I don’t take care of myself–running on caffeinated drinks and eating a snack or two all day only to end on a 3,000 calorie late night dinner at 10:30PM is very typical. Then, on my days off, I binge on my cravings and lay on the couch to recover from the work day prior. I’ve lived by “Work Hard, Play Hard” but I think I’m working harder than I really should be for my own (and my husband’s) sanity! So how do I beat this vicious cycle?

My new mantra: Be healthier: mind, body, and soul–and let work be work.


Write more or less. I’ve always loved writing so I can let my thoughts go, and I’ve always chosen a blog online rather than a handwritten journal only because my thoughts are a mile a minute and I can type faster than I can write (do my run-on sentences give me away?). Blogging frees my mind, as well as holds me accountable. As I’ve already alluded to above though, the weekly MPM/FUFs were awesome on starting me off well with this year’s goals and also in keeping up with this blog, but I’ve also realized that my own self-imposed timeline is an unnecessary deadline that I don’t need to add to my constantly growing to-do list.

So, I will figure out what to do with this blog whenever I want to. Write more or less on anything and everything–perhaps join more or less TDPs, but no constraints and deadlines! Just write more or less to figure out more about anything and everything.


Continue to find new things that excite me. I really like this one because whether it be something new to do, a new place to eat at, another Pinterest project to tackle, or anything under the sun…this goal I think will allow me to spend more time on me AND also on my relationships with those dearest to me. I love my middle of the week days off where I can try out something new on my own or sit on the couch like right now to do some personal reflection time on this blog. But I also love meeting up with my best friend to catch up and chat while we’re working on a new craft project. And I, especially, love having spontaneous dates with my husband to try out a new restaurant. Simple as these things may be, they do excite me and are very fulfilling–and more importantly, stress-relieving!

With all that said…ONE, TWO, and THREE will still help me accomplish my original list:

1) Lose weight –> ONE
2) Improve finances (less stress, less shopping! LOL!)
3) Exercise more –> ONE
4) Get a new/better job (it WILL get better when I start to cope better!!!)
5) Eat healthy –> ONE
6) Manage stress –> ONE
7) Quit smoking (Thank God, I never picked up this bad habit!)
8) Improve relationship –> THREE
9) Stop procrastinating –> TWO & THREE
10) Set aside โ€œmeโ€ time –> TWO & THREE

Phew…that was long! Goofin’ off, KW

FUF #7: Back on track!!!

Yay-yeah! This week’s goals…check and check!

Closet cleaned and organized…with a stack of clothes to deliver to Goodwill. Will try to take care of that next week.

And…here’s my first of 5 Pinterest projects that I said I’d complete before I turn 27!

T-shirt Quilt ๐Ÿ‘š







Can you tell what college I went to?!? Lol! GO COCKS!!!

Not the straightest and most perfectly lined up quilt but for my first try at it, I’m pretty proud of my first DIY quilt! This project made me fall in love with a sewing machine and I think I’ll have to invest in one. Thanks to my MIL who let me borrow hers for the week so I could complete this project and make up my mind about getting my own! Now to pin for sewing projects on Pinterest…hehehe!!!

So glad that this week was pretty productive! ๐Ÿ‘ Here’s to keeping it simple, stupid. KISS! ๐Ÿ’‹

Goofin’ off, KW

TDP: Never Gonna Give You Up–“Vices”

Vices. Bad habits. Imperfections. Fault. Weaknesses.

You. We know *you* are vice-free, dear Daily Post reader. But, or perhaps we should say, โ€œbutt,โ€ others around you and in your life are riddled with vices: they smoke; they eat too much celery; they hog the covers; they canโ€™t keep their hands out of the office candy bowl. Which vice or bad habit can you simply not abide in others?

An interesting prompt today from The Daily Post, and if you guys would indulge me, I’m sure I could rattle off a few things that are just the biggest pet peeves of mine. In others, I JUST simply canNOT abide by:

– smoking, especially when I’m subjected to one’s second-hand smoke (I’m the one coughing out loud to make that obnoxious and inconsiderate smoker feel uncomfortable!!!)

– whining without action (I canNOT stand complainers who do nothing to actually change their situation)

– quitting without trying (I find it so disappointing to see potential go to waste! Yikes, I sound like my mother!)

– Medicaid patients with an iPhone or driving an Escalade (I’ll stop right there because this is supposed to be a fun blog–not a political one!)

– being taken advantage of (Oh, hell no! **insert back and forth finger snapping/pointing and head shaking**)

– watching someone take advantage of someone else (Uh-uh! I will call you out!)

And on and on and on, I could go. But you know what, TDP, I ain’t gonna lie.

I have been driving my poor husband nuts this past week (and the past year and a half) because I am yet again on the “low” of my high-low, emotional roller coaster ride with my job, and man!!! Man, oh man! I can NOT stand what I’m putting my husband and myself through right now!

In a nutshell, I’m a Type-A, super ambitious, driven, and motivated person. I’ve never (at least I’m pretty sure I’ve never) given up on anything I have ever started–I may procrastinate (as you can see from me falling behind with my weekly posts) but I’ll still eventually get things done and meet my end goals! With that said, if I am on a positive run at work–I go hard, give it my ALL, 110%, every inch of my being I devote to caring for my patients, inspiring my team, and aim to drive business results. This is a fantastic 2 to 2.5 weeks a month of purposeful and empowered days at work. My husband actually gets to spend time that I have off from work with a pleasant wife!

But once a month, I get a scorecard, if you will—my business metrics accompanied by a supervisor visit. I know they are just doing their jobs too and they are having difficult conversations with my colleagues and me due to the pressures of the corporate mindset, but man oh, man! When I’m in one of these ruts…one of these lows, I’m so ridiculously on a rampage about all the corporate-bull$&*+ and I’m gone.

Then my husband has to feed me comfort Chinese food, ensure a fully stocked fridge and pantry for any craving-bingeing I may have and get into, and worse: he has to just take my whining, complaining, and arguing like a champ.

I. Am. Intolerable.

The sad thing is I know this. I know this vicious cycle. I know what it takes to break it so I can get back to the other side and be myself again and love my job again. I know I need to just get over it.. It’s a job.

JOB. It doesn’t make me who I am. It doesn’t define me. It just is my job that I need to do day in and day out…then move on.

Source. found via Quotes on Pinterest

So easy right? Bah!

Goofin’ off….seriously, I’m going to goof off now and give my husband a big hug and kiss after hitting ‘publish.’ Thanks TDP for this prompt and letting me vent and for getting me out of the rut this time.. My husband thanks you!

Here’s to hoping I skip this cycle at least next month…that or I’ll just have to remind myself to read this entry again! Lol!

Goofin’ off, KW

Inspired by:

MPM#7: Get back on track…

With only about 8 months left before year 26 ends, I’ve got some serious work to do to knock out some of my your days are numbered ’26’ list

Here’s a couple I want to tackle this week:

7) Finish at least five Pinterest projects waiting to be started on my boards.

16) Thoroughly clean out my closet and purge clothes (so my husband can have some decent closet space for once!!! ).

And here is how I will accomplish the above two:


Will stick to these two as my goal for the week because just the closet alone is going to be quite the task–let alone making this quilt! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m super excited…anyone else have worked on something like this and have any tips for me?

Goofin’ off, KW

FUF #6: a.k.a. Follow-Up Sunday!

So late in posting but only because I decided to tune out for a bit and just relax, unwind, and hang out with friends because the snow-pocalypse resulted in chaos at work and created some unnecessary drama that I really needed to let go and just let God!

But it wasn’t all bad this week. I did play in the snow as I challenged myself on Tuesday!!! Here are some of the hubs’ and my fun snow day!







Hope everyone is finally thawed out by now!

Goofin’ off, KW

MPM #6: MPM’s gettin’ hijacked by TuesdayPM

Bah! Bah, on failing to blog last night…the 14-hr work shift really leaves very little time to have even just a brief moment to have some solo me-time to think about this week’s goals, but nevertheless, it’s never too late to get started. (Wow! Talk about a run-on sentence! Lol!)

So…here are my three goals this week:



This week (all two days of it thus far at work) has already proven to be a mad-house type of week with yet another snow-pocalypse. I’ve had to pretty much scrap most plans I’ve made (to get ahead for that store visit I had previously mentioned) and just try to roll with the punches. But as well as I’ve been doing that, I’ve been failing to even just take a breath!!! Bah! Hilarious that the quote above is the one of the first few pins under the “quotes” section on my Pinterest–as if it was specifically talking to ME!!!



‘Nuff said!


Well…I’ll stop at those two simple and basic goals for now! Don’t want to bite off too much more than I can chew! Lol!

Goofin’ off, KW